Paint Correction




Paint Correction for the Ultimate "New Car Experience"

A one or several days Ultimate Detail from £695.95 depending on condition of paintworkIncludes...

* Deluxe Car Detail * Clay bar treatment to remove bonded contaniments

* Paint Correction process (see details of steps below...) offering great value as analternative to a full re-spray. Will treat light scuffs/scratches, dull faded paintwork, swirl marks, road tar and bug splatter, oxidised paint.

* Full upholstery shampoo and sanitised/Leather cleaned and treated with conditioner

* Wax Treatment and/or Paintwork Protection applied* Engine bay cleaned and degreased

We located in Watfod, Hertfordshire Unit S2, Vale Industrial Park, Tolpits  Lane, WD18 9QP, we offer Ultimate Car Detailing for high end auto care.

Equipped with the finest equipment and products our services offer meticulous attention to the aesthetic realisation of any car.

The Wash

High pressure is monitored and snow foam applied to break up contaminants and to lower the appearance of dirt. 

After thorough rinsing we hand-wash doors, sills and seams using one bucket for soap and one bucket for rinsing the mircofibre mitt.  The car is gently washed by hand. At this stage the fuel door is cleaned and the car is rinsed and dried using special deep pile microfibre towels.

Wheels, exhaust and engine are all thoroughly cleaned.

We use a clay bar to remove all contaminants for the body, seams and windows.  By removing all the microscopic particles from deep within the paint, this allows us to achieve the smoothest surface possible for a perfect flawless polish.


At this point any remaining defect will show.  All the preparation leaves the car ready for a closer examination of the paint using a special microscopic light and digital microscope device that measures paint thickness.  This enables us to determine the least abrasive polish and pad to be used to eliminate defects which will then preserve the car’s original clear coat.

This process alone can take at least one whole day depending on the condition of the car.

Our service naturally also includes a full interior restoration using superior products and techniques to revive leather, vinyl, plastics or carbon fibre.

The interior is revived, treated and protected therefore the transformation is only complete after carpet vacumn and window cleaning both inside and out.

Before applying was, all exterior plastics/trims are revisited using our own specialist techniques and a high end tyre dressing applied.

Waxing brings the car to it’s Ultimate shine whilst simultaneously providing protection.  For this we only use high content Carnauba wax which is the hardest natural curing wax in the world.

Applied to whole car by hand, door sills and wheels are also waxed.

Once applied it is left to cure and then buffed with the finest microfibre towel available.

 Technical Enquiries:  01923510329